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Godsmacked, A Souljourner’s Guide to the Heart of God is a true and candid account of Wendell's own personal ourney of discovery, which took him through a A maze of new age religions and sects, culminating in a trip to India, seeking enlightenment and what the Hindus call "anubhava", or truth directly experienced. Along with some fellow seekers he travelled the sub-continent meeting many famous and not-so-famous swamis, gurus, lamas and even a living “avatar” named Satya Sai Baba. The journey was indeed enlightenting, as well as incredibly fascinating. At times, bizarre and even humorous. But it all ended in a surprising (at least for him) discovery about ultimate “truth” that changed his life forever. As Wendell says about the response to the book, "I gratified that so many have found the account engrossing and inspiring. I hope you will too."

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      "Like a  modern day Siddhartha,Burton’s journey From Hollywood to the Himalayas and back is an extravagant expression of God's relentless pursuit of each of us.  This is truly an inspirational story that countless people will relate to and want to read."

Ron Lewis
Every Nation Ministries, NYC

     "Wendell has done a masterful job of building a bridge. See it is well documented that most people who come to faith, do so through a journey. In this book he has encapsulated, the Questions people ask, the steps they take, as their Faith is brought to maturity. Godsmacked is a must read!"

Gerald Brooks D.D.
Grace Outreach Center
Plano Tx

     "Deep down inside, everyone longs to know the answers to life’s most important questions. Like “Who am I?”  pageand “What am I here for?” But not many of us take that search to the lengths that Wendell Burton has. “Godsmacked!” is an honest, informative and revealing account of his own personal quest to find the answer to those questions. It’s a one of a kind adventure. And a great read!"


Rich Wilkerson
Trinity church, Miami, FL

     "I started reading ‘GodSmacked!' it last night and couldn't put it down.  I was at times laughing and crying at the same time. I think its fantastic. Great job!"

Tony Eldridge
Lonetree Productions
Producer, “The Equalizer”

     "As a teen who loved movies, I vividly remember The Sterile Cuckoo starring the great Liza Minnelli and a relatively unknown, but terrific young actor, named Wendell Burton.  Burton’s honest and transparent account of his own “magical mystery tour” is seasoned with humor yet has an urgency that makes it both enjoyable and compelling.  I felt I was on the journey with him, asking the same questions and discovering answers to some of life’s core issues.  It is fashionable to be searching for truth and meaning, but it is transformational to discover it.  Loved it!"

Jim Reeve
Faith Community Church
West Covina, CA

     "There are hundreds of books that describe the path to wholeness, but there are very few authors who have traveled that path with more authenticity than Wendell. We all long for answers to the questions life asks of us. I can think of no better sage to help answer those questions . Wendell's account of his own journey is a fresh, fascinating and thought-provoking adventure. expressed in a style that is totally Wendell… You will love how this book makes you feel and the destination to which it takes you."


Troy Gramling 
Potential Church

Miami, FL

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