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Thanksgiving in Kemp, TX

Linda and I are about to head out the door of our room at the La Quinta Inn & Sweets, here in Gunbarrel City, TX. We got a good nights sleep and had a nice quiet time together with the Lord, reading from Joel's new devotional-like book, Fresh Start. We're going to her sister Cindy'shouse where her parents, aunt, other sister, Melissa, and the sisters' husbands will be gathered, along with nieces and nephews and a cute little grand-niece named Carrington. It's going to be a great time.

Gunbarrel City is a special place to me. Aside from the name, which could not be more C county, it just overflows with Americana... patriotism, good values and great family life.

But it's most special to me because, it's the town where Linda slipped on her tengagement/wedding ring for the first time. Although she'd said, "yes", the night before at a 4th of July celebration on the lake, she didn't want to wear the ring or make an announcement at the time. Too many people. Mostly strangers. And even back at her sister's house, we decided to wait until the next morning to let them know the good news.

When we got up that day, she and I drove to the Walmart in Gunbarrel City to get some groceries for breakfast. And there in the parking lot of the Gunbarrel City Walmart, Linda put on the ring.

So, today. I am a grateful man. Ready for Thanksgiving. So thankful that God honored me with the privelege of being Linda's husband. I'm as amazed today as I was those eleven plus years ago.

God is good.

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